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Top Indicators for Profitability in Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment can be one of the most profitable investment strategies around. However, without adequate planning and study, a good property acquisition can quickly become a financial strain and generate a loss. Operating a business and managing rental properties follow the same principles. You must estimate your potential income and consider your expenses before making a real estate investment. So, what are the most influential factors that can contribute to or hinder the profitability of a real estate investment? While the location is always essential, various other aspects might help you decide if an investment is suitable for you. This article covers the key indicators of profitability in real estate investing.

Real Estate Location

Real estate investment assessments should heavily consider the status of the community, green space, scenic vistas, and proximity to amenities. The medium- to long-term outlook for how the neighborhood is anticipated to change over the investment period is crucial when determining where to locate a property. For instance, the quiet open space behind a house might be transformed into a busy manufacturing plant, lowering its value. Examine the ownership and intended use of the primary locations where you propose investing in great detail.

What is the state of the employment market where you intend to purchase a rental property? How about local tourist attractions and connections to major cities? Have you investigated surrounding schools’ rankings if you rent to families? All of these factors can help promote your real estate investment.

We can use Royal Blue Istanbul as a brief case study. These serviced villas are on the outskirts of one of the globe’s most visited cosmopolitan cities, within 40 minutes of two international airports. Additionally, the district of Şile in Istanbul, where the Royal Blue Villas site is located, is a tourist hub with year-round visitors. The area is a fast-growing metropolitan location with improvements planned in the coming years. Furthermore, the region has stunning shorelines, dense forests, and numerous historical sites. In terms of location, you couldn’t find a more well-placed property for a real estate investment.

Real Estate Investment Type

Residential real estate is usually a simple investment that is safe to make. If you invest in a residential property, you will profit from a tenant’s regular rent payments. This can provide substantial earnings over time. Additionally, you will receive a regular income guarantee. But bear in mind that the property will require routine upkeep to maintain its value. Further, you can run into tenants who need to be on time with payments or refuse to cover any damage they have done to the property. Additionally, you can be prevented from renting the house for a while, and void periods can negatively affect your income from your real estate investment.

The best real estate investments are short-term and serviced accommodation rental properties since you can get an attractive monthly cash flow and a high ROI of up to 50% more than traditional residential real estate. Take the example of the Royal Blue Villas in Istanbul. People from all over the world, including tourists and business travelers, like to rent these high-end properties. The deluxe nature of the villas and exclusive amenities allows for a much higher rental rate that is worked out on a nightly or weekly basis rather than monthly. The demand for this type of high-end serviced accommodation has been exponentially growing since the pandemic, and future projections for this type of real estate investment are optimistic.

Istanbul Attractions: The Charming District of Şile


 To ensure your real estate investment remains profitable, you must perform routine inspections, upkeep, and repairs as you would with your home. Good maintenance is vital for maximizing your returns. The maintenance of the property is arguably even more significant than the property itself. If this is your first time working with one, you might be surprised by how much a property management company can assist with tenancy turnovers and other areas of being a landlord.

To get everything sorted out for you, property managers can hire the necessary work out, advertise the rental for new renters, monitor and supervise any work at the property, and speak with outgoing tenants. By delegating all those annoying tasks to others, you may earn a real passive income while enjoying the advantages of your real estate investment. At Royal Blue Istanbul, we offer investors a fully comprehensive management contract where we deal with all the maintenance intricacies for you.


Region-to-region and even city-to-city variations in property taxes are expected. Knowing the property tax rates applied to a particular property is crucial in determining the profitability of your real estate investment because higher taxes negatively impact profit margins.

One of the benefits the Turkish government provides to entice more foreign investment to the country is the exemption from Turkiye’s value-added tax that applies to foreign investors not residing in Turkiye. Foreign investors can benefit from Turkiye’s tax exemption and save a sizable quantity of money on their real estate investment because of this exemption. Turkiye’s value-added tax, which can be between 1% and 18% on real estate sales, is well recognized by savvy investors.


The basic concept of supply and demand dominates the economic world. In areas with a high supply of listings and vacancies, investors may experience difficulties. High supply could reduce profits and limit an investor’s ability to increase rents when necessary to maintain market competitiveness.

Be aware of how competition may affect your real estate investment; if nearby properties offer lower rents or more luxurious amenities, your occupancy rate may suffer. Watch out for new construction projects nearby, as this can affect your real estate investment if there is noise or obstructed views.

Make a Profitable choice with Royal Blue Istanbul.

Before making a real estate investment, you should consider several factors. With the information in this article, you can start to look for a profitable real estate investment.  

Under the guarantee of API investment, our Royal Blue Villas ticks all the boxes for a profitable real estate investment. As an international investor, you can gain extra benefits such as citizenship by investment in Turkey and owning a second home in a desirable location. So, if you want to get a Turkish passport and invest in a prime location, contact our advisors to discover all Royal Blue Istanbul has to offer.  

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