Why Şile

  • One of the loveliest districts of Istanbul, Şile, is just Northeast of the Marmara Region and lies on the 60 km coast of the Black Sea shore, which makes it a very desirable location for Summer holidays. It’s not only an escape from the city, for Sile offers its lovely natural spots, sightseeing, and other wonders, but it has become a permanent destination for those looking for an extended.
  • The holiday season and also the number 1 destination for the year.
  • Round tourism, including five months of the swimming season.
  • Not just a tremendous touristic area, but one of the fastest growing metropolitan locations in Istanbul.
  • There is a fishing village dating back to 700 BC and a lighthouse from the Ottoman period, the giant lighthouse in Turkey, constantly attracting tourists.
  • Unique natural beauty with an 18 km sandy beach and forestry zone.
  • Just 5 minutes from the villas is the local Market, which offers a wide range of delicious local produce from over 57 villages.
  • The direct road from Şile to the 3rd bridge also connects a direct route to the 3rd airport, which will be the largest airport in the world.
  • Şile is becoming the capital of health tourism in Istanbul; in saying this, the largest public hospital is relocating just 5 minutes from the villas.