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If you are looking to visit Istanbul and want to plan an itinerary with a slower tempo, we suggest you look at the Istanbul attractions on offer in the district of Şile. Perhaps you are planning to invest in Turkey or even buy property in Turkey and get residency. If that is the case, you should consider Şile a prospective destination. The town is only populated by around 30,000 people (although this number jumps during the busy summer season thanks to local tourism), making it a haven for those who want to visit or live in Istanbul and still maintain a suburban lifestyle. Just an hour from the city center on the Asian side of Istanbul, this stunning location is home to some outstanding Istanbul attractions. These include three blue flag beaches, Turkey’s largest lighthouse, a Byzantine castle, and vast areas of unspoiled nature that will take your breath away. Whether you are planning to visit or invest in Istanbul, we have compiled a list of the top Istanbul attractions to be found in Şile.

Istanbul Attractions: Şile’s Natural Wonders

Have you ever traveled to a new destination and been amazed? It happens to many first-timers in Şile. Although the area is not as well-known as other Turkish cities, you shouldn’t be deceived. This modest and upcoming tourist retreat is well worth the visit. You might be shocked by some of the breathtaking natural locations you can explore in this hidden-gem location.

Spend a Day on a Blue Flag Beach

As a coastal town, Şile is famous for its sandy beaches that trace 60 km along the Black Sea coast, and three of these beaches have recently been awarded blue flag status. Şile Public Beach, Uzunkum Beach, and Ağlayankaya (Crying Rock) Beach are all proud bearers of the blue flag. They are all fantastic, with plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable. However, if we had to pick one Şile beach to spend the day, it would be Akçakese beach. It has a gorgeous 1 km strip of pure white sand that weaves around a rocky coastline backed by towering green mountains, and you feel like you are in another world when you are at Akçakese beach- we recommend a visit!

Cool Off at the Hidden Lake

Saklgöl, which translates to “hidden lake,” is one of the island’s most famous natural landmarks. The vast green lake is nestled within plush green mountains, and although it is a popular retreat for locals and tourists during the summer to escape the heat, the natural beauty remains intact. You can stroll along a subtle wooden walkway that skirts the edge of the peaceful lagoon or sit on a floating Köşk (traditional wooden seating area) with authentic cushions. Be prepared to receive warm Turkish hospitality and dine in the open-air surrounded by fantastic scenery.

Take a Walk on the Wildside

This area of Istanbul is famous for hiking trips and following nature trails, and once you set foot in Şile, you will understand why. Sile has excellent potential for ecotourism. The most extensive woodlands in Istanbul are found here, where you can get lost in nature. Numerous caves dispersed around the area are just waiting to be discovered. If you go on an adventure, don’t forget to try the natural goods the locals make in the villages you pass through.

Istanbul Attractions: The Charming District of Şile

Istanbul Attractions: Sights of Şile

 You can be outside the bustling metropolis to experience some astounding Istanbul attractions. The cultural and historical sights at Sile are fascinating, and waves of international tourists won’t crowd you so that you can enjoy the experience more!

Get a Bird’s Eye View at the Şile Lighthouse

For the best photo opportunities in Şile, go to the coast where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea and look for the ile Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1859 as part of the Ottoman Empire as a 60-meter cliff tower, and it remains the most prominent active lighthouse in Turkey. The trek up to the lighthouse is worth it; you will get a great panoramic perspective of the sea from an estimated 20 nautical mile vantage point.

Step Back in Time at the Akçakese Rural Houses

If you want a glimpse of old Black Sea culture, head out to the striking wooden houses in the village of Akçakese. The buildings date to around the 19th century and remain well intact, so you can get a real insight into how life was in this coastal region.

Command the Sea at Şile Castle

The castle stands proudly on a rocky island off the Black Sea coast. It was built by the Genoese 2000 years ago and later civilizations, including the Byzantines and Ottomans, used it as a watchtower. You follow a winding path through shopping lanes to get out to Ocaklı Island, where the castle towers over the sea. Recent local council restorations have restored the building to its original glory.

Benefit from Investing in Sile with Royal Blue Istanbul

Şile is a unique place to live; it is a fantastic tourist destination known for its clean, pure water, fresh air, attractive surroundings, pleasant temperate climate, and charming beaches. Consequently, the region is home to villas with contemporary styles, such as our Royal Blue Istanbul complex of luxury serviced accommodations.

Future investment opportunities in Şile are attractive thanks to the city’s expanding tourism industry. In recent years, it has successfully lured many investors looking to get into the Turkish real estate industry due to its proximity to the city center and many Istanbul attractions. Please visit our Royal Blue Istanbul website to view our excellent offering for luxury villas in Istanbul’s Şile district. By reading our blog on that topic, you can also discover everything there is to know about Turkish citizenship by investment program

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Istanbul Attractions: The Charming District of Şile

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