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Invest in Turkey with Royal Blue Istanbul

If you are considering investing in Turkey and want to know what benefits you might receive, keep reading. Turkey has experienced substantial growth over the past ten years due to its investments in large-scale projects, R&D, and development. Turkish economic growth has piqued the interest of numerous foreign investors. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey reports that Turkey rose to the seventh-most popular FDI location in Europe in 2018. Before investing, it is wise to consider the pros and cons of investing abroad. Every investor muses over the prospect of international investing.

At Royal Blue Istanbul, we saw the opportunity investing in Turkey had to offer, and our Royal Blue Villas project was born. Through rigorous research and due diligence into investing in Turkey, we crafted our unique real estate investment model, which provides an attractive opportunity for our investors. The benefits of investing in Turkey, the benefits offered to international investors, and the primary industries attracting foreign investors are explored below.

Top Sectors for Foreigners to Invest in Turkey

While there are many ways to invest in Turkey as a foreigner, three primary sectors are taking the forefront of Turkey’s investment world: tourism, real estate, and health. These three sectors complement one another as people traveling for health reasons or classic tourism will always need real estate to provide accommodation.


Turkey has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world due to its land borders with the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. However, visitors don’t simply head to the beaches. Turkey’s landscape is diverse, with dramatic mountains and dense forests. As a result, Turkey is a desirable travel location for those who enjoy the outdoors. The nation also boasts historical sites dating back to antiquity and a rich cultural heritage. The diversity of Turkey as a tourist destination means it pulls visitors from across the globe, and the figures confirm that. In January-July 2022, Turkey received 26 million visitors, a 128% increase compared to the previous year. As such, Turkey has excellent potential for tourism investment.


In the past decade, the private health sector in Turkey has boomed, and with this explosion has come significant interest from foreign investors. Turkey’s convenient position, travel links, and affordable, high-quality health care are the main reasons the country is becoming an important player in global health tourism. A staggering 642,000 visits from health tourists and revenues of $1.05 billion were recorded in 2021.

Real Estate

Arguably the most profitable investment sector in Turkey is real estate. Due to the significant demand for real estate investments in the Turkish market, property prices are increasing yearly. Residential real estate is the preferred option for foreign investors, as it offers attractive yields and can be marketed to high-end clients such as tourists and international business travelers. The latest home price index in Turkey for December 2021, which has climbed by 115.10% since the start of its study in 2010, further demonstrates the dynamism of the Turkish real estate industry.

Regarding villa investments, such as the ones provided by Royal Blue Istanbul, the demand for upmarket, serviced properties is at a record high. Furthermore, as Istanbul continues to expand with mega-projects, such as the Eurasia Tunnel, Canal Istanbul, and the Smart Cities initiative, there is no better time to invest in high-end property in this vibrant city.

The Best Location to Invest in Turkey

To begin with, you must decide which Turkish city best suits your needs and investment objectives. To do this, you must consider each city’s features and specifications and examine the area’s most significant real estate projects. The demand for buying and renting real estate in tourist-oriented cities rises dramatically, especially during the peak tourist seasons, making them one of the most significant opportunities for real estate investment. There is no denying that each Turkish city has unique advantages and qualities. Look at the annual and monthly figures published by the Turkish Statistical Institute. You will see that Istanbul consistently holds the top spot among all provinces regarding the quantity of all real estate transactions.

Benefits of Investing in Turkey

The most attractive benefit of investing in Turkey is the government-backed Turkish citizenship by investment program. Getting a Turkish passport has many advantages, including access to Free healthcare in Turkey, the right to travel and reside in the country freely, the ability to visit 110 nations without a visa, and even acquiring long-term visas for the USA. With a minimum investment of $400,000, you can obtain Turkish citizenship. There are five pathways to qualifying for Turkish citizenship by investment program:

  • Buying real estate
  • Starting a business
  • Putting money in a bank
  • Buying government bonds or shares of an investment fund

The timescale for this process is relatively short and takes around six to eight months.

Unique Opportunity to Invest in Turkey

If you want to buy property in Turkey and get residency, Royal Blue Istanbul provides a unique investment model under the assurance of API investment. We allow owners and investors to profit from their investments without handling the complexities of maintaining properties or managing occupants. Once you’ve decided to invest, our expert consultants will walk you through each process, including acquiring the title documents, obtaining a tax identification number, transferring funds, and preparing for the Turkish citizenship by investment program. If you want to invest in Turkey with one of our Royal Blue Villas and benefit from Turkish citizenship, please get in touch with us for more details.

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